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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education.Global?

Education.Global is an international student recruitment program that integrates online and print resources to promote higher education in the U.S. and helps participating colleges recruit more international students. Education.Global was developed to support international student recruitment efforts by the U.S. State Department’s Education USA program and the U.S. Commerce Department’s Study USA consortia.

How does the Education.Global website work?

Colleges can easily post a video and a text profile on the Education.Global website. International students who log onto the site can view a college’s video and listen or view subtitles in any of several languages with the click of a mouse. Students also can view a college’s printed profile in the language of their choice. Schools can be reached directly via web and e-mail links. Students also can fill out a form that will enable them to use the site to send inquiries directly to schools they are interested in.

How much visibility will my school get on the Education.Global website?

Featured schools constantly rotate on to the Home Page, appearing in both the main carousel at the top of the page and in the list of thumbnails below. In addition to direct exposure, featured schools are highlighted on Education.Global’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

How does the brochure complement the site?

The Education.Global brochure, called Discover Yourself in America, promotes U.S. higher education generally—helping the U.S. compete with other countries that are recruiting international students. The brochure reaches half a million students, as well as their parents, advisors, teachers, and agents. It will also drive traffic to the new Education.Global website, where students can access your college profile and link to authoritative information about going to college in the U.S.

Will the brochure be translated?

Yes. In addition to English, it will be translated into Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

What differentiates the Education.Global program from other recruitment tools?

It’s not just a website: It combines powerful web resources with an engaging printed brochure designed to drive traffic to the Education.Global website. The program was developed to support international student recruitment efforts by the U.S. Departments of Commerce and State, both of which are dedicated to helping U.S. colleges compete in a very competitive marketplace for international students.

The website features college profiles in both video and text-based formats. Students in areas with sufficient bandwidth can view your college’s video presentation. Students in areas with lower bandwidth can access text-based information about your college and all of the editorial content, which focuses on higher education in the U.S., the college application process, college costs, cultural issues, and more.

With the click of a computer mouse, students can access information about your college in their native language, which makes information on our website much more accessible to students and to their parents, teachers, advisors, counselors, and agents than information posted on other websites. These features make Education.Global much more likely to generate inquiries from qualified students.

When students arrive at Education.Global, they can search for colleges by name, institutional type, and geography, and they can link to current, authoritative information, such as the Department of State’s EducationUSA website.

There is no charge for students to use the website. Students who want to request more information through the website will be asked to register before their information is sent to participating colleges.

How comprehensive is Education.Global’s search database?

Students searching the site will find information on all accredited U.S. colleges and universities in the U.S. Featured schools show up at the top of each search, and on the Home Page.

Overview of Key Metrics

• More 44,000 Visits Per Year
• More than 31,000 Unique Visitors Per Year
• More than 248,000 Page Views Per Year
• Average visitor spends 6:41 minutes on the site
• Traffic coming from 201 countries/territories
• 141% increase in annual traffic
• More than 16,000 information requests

How will Education.Global will drive more student traffic to the website in the coming year?

• Publication of a new “Discover Yourself in America” brochure – printed in five different languages – and distributed worldwide to EducationUSA advising centers, Study Fairs and International Schools.
• Social networking outreach using Facebook Connect, Twitter, and YouTube..
• Google Ad Words promotions.
• An innovative new Facebook Quiz Game, featuring information about "featured" colleges on the website.
• A new "Find Colleges" IPhone app.
• Development of a Education.Global Blog.
• Enhanced search features.

What other benefits do participating colleges receive?

• Each institution may post a profile of an international student, with a photo and a brief bio.
• Featured schools also may contribute to a new Education.Global Blog.

My college’s viewbooks are in many Education USA advising centers and our college is listed on many other websites, so why should I invest in this program?

Education.Global is a unique way of presenting U.S. colleges to international students; it was developed in cooperation with two U.S. government agencies whose missions include cross-border and educational exchanges; it has both print and online components; it’s affordable; and it will be promoted by a network of program partners and organizations. In addition, a half million copies of the brochure will be distributed through Education USA Advising Centers, at U.S. embassies and consulates, at international schools, and at trade fairs worldwide.

How much will it cost my institution to participate?

The cost of posting a video and a text profile on Education.Global in English and having a listing in the brochure is $899 per year. Additional foreign language subtitles can be added for $299 each, or $599 for three languages—including the translation! Schools also can supply their own translation for $299 per language.

How to I register?

Registration can be done easily online. Once you register, you have the option of paying by credit card or requesting an invoice. With our “post now, pay later” program, you can register using a Purchase Order. This provides flexibility for schools that need to work around fiscal year budgeting issues. To register click “college login” under support, at the bottom of the Home Page.

Is there a deadline?

Yes. In order to be included in the brochure, you must register by June 30th.

How can I find more information about enrolling my college in the program?

You can enroll your college – and upload video and text files, online at

Or call us at 1-800-581-8533, ext. 802.

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