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You will have many choices:

There are more than 4,300 universities and colleges in the U.S. any one of which can offer you excellent facilities, programs, and faculty, and a range of social and academic environments.

Your college degree will have value:

A degree from an accredited U.S. college or university is recognized and valued around the world. Your degree will prepare you for a lifetime of learning and a wide range of jobs and professions in your home country – or around the world!

You can create a program that fits your interests:

You can choose from hundreds of courses, majors, and programs. And you can begin at a small community college, transfer to four-year college or a university, earn a degree, and advance to a university where you can earn a master’s or other advanced degree or professional certification.

What makes attending a college or university in the USA different?

The “liberal arts” approach develops broadly educated graduates who have strong writing, reading, research, and problem-solving skills. That means you will be prepared for virtually any job or career. Students at U.S. universities and colleges are active participants in their education. Individually, in research and project teams, in class and off-campus, they are encouraged to think critically, be creative, ask questions, and apply concepts in real-world situations.

Starting Your Search

Which U.S. colleges are best? Your goal is not to find the “best” college; it is to find the college that is best for you! Will you be most comfortable at a large school or a small one, in a warm climate or a colder one, in a city or in a suburban or rural area? Contrary to popular belief, there are no official rankings of U.S. institutions. Whatever your preferences, there are many options.

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