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Dowling College

150 Idle Hour Blvd
Oakdale, New York
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School Information

Main Phone Number: 631-244-3000
Fax: (631) 244-1059
Website: http://WWW.DOWLING.EDU
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Dowling College

Interested in Dowling College?
Request information or visit http://WWW.DOWLING.EDU

You are not alone in your interest in Dowling College. More than 400 young people from China, India, Turkey, New Zealand, Argentina - more than 50 countries around the globe - study at our two campuses, located just a short train ride from New York City. Dowling College stands out among other U.S. colleges with its prestigious faculty, small classes, extensive support services, and superior residence halls. Dowling is often known as "The Personal College" because we provide you with the attention and support you need to succeed. If you need it, you have access to a 5-level ESL program which supports your studies by making certain that you have the English skills you will need to succeed.

  • Tuition and Fees

    • Effective Term: 2010-2011
    • Tuition: 20,860
    • Room and Board: 10,200
    • Estimated Additional Expenses: 1,000
    • Fees: 3,500
  • Statistics

    • Total Undergraduates: 3,365
    • First Years: 1,417
    • Graduate Enrollment: 2,167
  • Application Requirements

    • Fall Application Deadline: July 1 (for guaranteed review)
    • Spring Application Deadline: November 1 (for guaranteed review)
    • Application Fee: 35
    • Application Website: http://WWW.DOWLING.EDU
    • Tests Required for International Students: None
    • Other Tests Accepted: IELTS, TOEFL. SAT (for UG Scholarship)
  • College Information

  • Attributes

    • Setting: Suburban
    • City Size: Large
    • Type of School: College
    • Public/Private: Private
    • Gender: Co-ed
    • Religious Affiliation: Not applicable
    • Calendar: Semester
    • Services for International Students: English as a Second Language Program, International Student Advisor, Special International Student Orientation Program
    • Programs Offered: Bachelor's Degree, Graduate or higher
  • Admissions Office

Interested in Dowling College?
Request information or visit http://WWW.DOWLING.EDU

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