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Georgia State University

33 Gilmer Street (In person)
Atlanta, Georgia
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Main Phone Number: 404-413-2500
Fax: 404-413-2002
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Georgia State University

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Georgia State is a designated research university, serving more than 32,000 students with eight schools and colleges, 100 fields of study, and 250 degree programs. Our admissions standards are accessible yet competitive, for a challenging academic environment that emphasizes writing, research, and problem solving across the curriculum. The qualities that attract professionals to Atlanta—a brisk business environment, thriving arts community, vibrant sports scene, and reasonable cost of living—also help us attract accomplished professors, so you get top-notch instruction.


  • Tuition and Fees

    • Effective Term: Fall 2015
    • Tuition: 21,058
    • Room and Board: 8,370
    • Estimated Additional Expenses: 2,250
    • Fees: 2,128
  • Statistics

    • Total Undergraduates: 24,000
    • First Years: 3,902
    • Graduate Enrollment: 8,000
  • Application Requirements

    • Fall Application Deadline: 2016-03-01
    • Spring Application Deadline: 2015-10-01
    • Application Fee: 60
    • Application Website:
    • Tests Required for International Students: Standard tests: SAT I or ACT. English tests: TOEFL, GSTEP, IELTS
    • Other Tests Accepted: TOFEL
  • College Information

  • Attributes

    • Setting: Urban
    • City Size: Large
    • Type of School: University
    • Public/Private: Public
    • Gender: Co-ed
    • Calendar: Semester
    • Services for International Students: On-campus Summer Housing, English as a Second Language Program, Intensive English, International Student Advisor, Special International Student Orientation Program
    • Programs Offered: Bachelor's Degree, Graduate or higher
  • Admissions Office

    • P.O. Box 4009 (mailing)
    • 33 Gilmer Street
    • Sparks Hall, Suite 200 (in-person)
    • Atlanta, GA 30302-4009
    • 404-413-2500
    • Admissions Contact Name: Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Interested in Georgia State University?
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