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StudyIowa is a non-profit consortium, organized to promote educational institutions in the state of Iowa.
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Located in the center of the United States, the State of Iowa provides a world of possibilities for international study. Known nationally and internationally for the quality of its educational system, the colleges and universities within the state serve as the destination of choice for nearly 8,000 international students and scholars each year. The colleges and universities in Iowa attract more international students as a percentage of the population than all other states in the American Midwest. In fact, the state is ranked number six nationally for the percentage of international students.

Studying in Iowa also offers you:
* One of the best educational systems in the U.S. Iowa students consistently rank among the top three states in the U.S. as measured by college entrance exam scores.

* Safe and supportive campuses and communities.
Iowa ranks among the safest places in the U.S. Students find a sense of openness and hospitality to individuals from around the globe.

* A wide variety of institutions.
Iowa boasts 3 state universities, 31 private colleges and universities, and 15 community colleges. The strength of Iowa's higher education system rests in its breadth and diversity.

* Iowa is a good value.
Compared to other colleges and universities in the U.S., tuition and fees in Iowa are considered a good value. Costs of housing, food, clothing, and other expenses are also generally lower in Iowa.

We invite you to explore the world of possibilities available for international students and scholars at one of Iowa's colleges and universities!

StudyIowa Information
20 institutional members in the consortium
* 3 public institutions
* 11 private institutions
* 6 community colleges
Over 130,000 students enrolled at consortium institutions
Over 8000 international students enrolled at consortium institutions
Tuition at consortium institutions range from $3000 - $30,000 per year
Member schools listed at

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